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blasting, spokane washingtonSandblasting Spokane prefers to use soda as a medium when removing paint or rust from delicate surfaces. Baking soda allows us to remove paint without damaging the substrate. The metal surface underneath the primer is commonly referred to as substrate. In the paint world, there are four levels.

The first level from the bottom up is the substrate. The level above that is the primer. The primer allows for the color to stick. The third level is the paint and the fourth level is the top or clear coat. Soda blasting can eat through the top three layers, leaving the substrate in tact.

Applications and Surfaces

Believe it or not, baking soda can be used to remove graffiti. If the surface is particularly porous or fragile, we will employ a combination of baking soda and a medium to high pressure to remove graffiti from your roll up door, window or gate. Soda blasting can also be used on marble surfaces to preserve the integrity of its texture. Although stainless steel is a hard surface, it can be easily warped by high pressure and abrasive materials.

We can remove the coating and paint applied to stainless steel by using the soda blasting method. You will love the soda blasting removal technique because it is water soluble, making cleanup easier and it leaves the application environment non-toxic.

Soda Blasting Benefits

Soda blasting is the favorite application for more delicate surfaces. When applied properly, it leaves the substrate unharmed. The final result is a surface that is ready for a new coat of paint. For machines that have rubberized or delicate components, baking soda is the preferred media. We can apply high pressure without damaging the surrounding components.

Boat owners prefer this process because it leaves the gel coat in tact. Best of all, there is no roughening of the surface. After using this technique with a complete and thorough rinse, sanding is not required to prepare the surface for repaint.


This softer, less abrasive substance is environmentally friendly. It is a natural product that is water soluble. Most particles evaporate before they even make it to the ground. The cost and its natural characteristics make soda blasting a more efficient way to remove paint and rust. Baking soda is a very inexpensive material. The more we save, the more you save.

Sandblasting Spokane believes in passing its savings onto our valuable customers. Typical sandblasting requires an extremely contained area and hours of post application cleanup. The ingenious dustless machine combined with baking soda ensures that no residue is left behind.

Easy Cleanup

An effortless cleanup is good news for residential applications. Factories, oil refineries and other industrial clients are less particular about tidying up. When we work in residential environments, our goal is to make your home better than it was before we arrived. You may have a brick fireplace that was painted by a previous owner.

When you hire us to remove the paint to reveal its natural beauty, we will take our time to clean every area affected. If you have an antique that you’d like restored, Sandblasting Spokane can bring our mobile services to you. The gentle nature of the baking soda will have the antique looking like new. Unlike other contractors, we will not leave your home in disarray.


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