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If you’re seeking excellent sandblasting in Spokane, you’ve come to the right place.  Our five star rating speaks for itself.  We offer pool sandblasting, concrete sandblasting, wood sandblasting, crushed glass blasting, abrasive blasting, surface preparation and paint removal.

Our clients comment on our attention to detail, promptness, superior machinery and level of professionalism.  Sandblasting has wonderful residential applications.  The options available are great for restoring historical properties.  Old homes were crafted by carpenters who spent years as apprentices.  They worked with their hands to yield the most beautiful works of art.  It’s a shame that someone decided to paint over it.

If you want to reveal the artistry that lies just beneath paint surfaces, contact Sandblasting Spokane.  We can achieve amazing results for wood bannisters, window frames, flooring and steps.  If you are fortunate enough to have the original fixtures, sandblasting can restore those too.

Our services include:

Boats take quite a beating from the elements.  For most of the year they are sitting on the dock accumulating rust and marine growth.  Their proximity to fresh water and the ocean requires responsible cleaning and surface preparation.  Dustless blasting is the eco-friendly way to remove unwanted surfaces.  Due to the fact that this technique requires minimal containment, workers are able to accomplish various tasks during the sandblasting process.

Many of our clients are concerned with stimulating the national economy.  It may please you to know that dustless blasting machinery and components are made in America by Americans.


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