Residential Sandblasting - Spokane WA

Sandblasting is not just for industrial or commercial usage. This technique has tons of residential applications. Sandblasting is perfect for the crafter, DIYer and antique hunter. If you purchased a historical fixer upper, sandblasting will save you valuable time in restoring the original wood, flooring, brick, fixtures and window frames.

For the antique hunter that enjoys searching for vintage items in need of tender loving care, you will be amazed at how sandblasting can transform your collectibles within minutes. This treatment is ideal for restoring swimming pools, concrete, stone and removing mold, calcium, stains and rust. We’d be happy to explore all the options with you. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate.

Wood Restoration

Old homes are charming and romantic. When you purchased your historic home, you were able to visualize its promise beneath decades of lead based paint. Perhaps you’ve wondered, ‘why would someone paint over good wood?’ Interior décor trends change with the times. Instead of spending hundreds of man hours scraping and sanding and possibly ruining the wood, contact Sandblasting Spokane.

With the right touch, we can have all the wood in your home restored in one afternoon. We’ll test out the right media and pressure to make sure we can remove layers of paint quickly and safely.

Brick Restoration

At some point, it became trendy to paint brick. Maybe some grand marketing giant promoted that paint would preserve the brick. Whatever the rhyme or reason, it’s certainly out of season. Painted brick is never a good look – under any circumstances. If you have an entire wall of painted brick, it would be a good idea to let Sandblasting Spokane take care of it for you.

Sure, you could do it yourself over the course of many agonizing days but sandpaper will not give you the look you desire. A cheap over the counter sandblaster will be a waste of time. Sandblasting is not as easy as it seems plus there are the associated health hazards.

Concrete And Stone Restoration

Many homes have concrete driveways, walkways, fences and retaining walls. Due to our wet, dank and rainy climate, concrete can accumulate mold and other vegetative growth. Sandblasting can have your driveway looking like new within a matter of minutes. Instead of pressure washing your driveway in preparation for staining and sealing, you can sandblast it and start the staining process immediately.

If you have stone walkways, fencing and retaining walls, at some point the growing vegetation invading the stone changes from charming, to annoying to an unsightly eyesore. You could spend a weekend using toxic chemicals and a scrub brush to remove it or you could relax and call Sandblasting Spokane.

Tile Restoration

Sandblasting is the perfect solution for tile restoration. Swimming pools, bathrooms and flooring can all benefit from a good sandblasting. This treatment will remove all the grime, mold and calcium buildup from the surface and within the grout. Over time, pool surfaces can decay from the chemicals, bacteria and exposure to constant moisture. Drain the pool, schedule an appointment with Sandblasting Spokane and before you know it, your pool is gorgeous again.

You will be back entertaining in no time. Baking soda and a low PSI can have all your indoor tile shining within a few hours. There is no need for toxic chemicals and back breaking scrubbing.


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