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precision blasting being done by our team Sandblasting Spokane is versed in industrial sandblasting. Dustless sandblasting is the perfect paint and rust removal for industrial environments. Our clients prefer the dustless method because it allows them to keep productivity high. The manner in which the water encapsulates the media eliminates dust plumes and debris. While an area is being sandblasted, workers within the same area can continue with their tasks.

Companies are more profitable because productivity can continue during maintenance and upgrades. Industrial sandblasting has a variety of practical applications. It would be our pleasure to discuss all your options. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.


Industrial sandblasting is ideal for asbestos abatement. One of our clients needed to have an elementary school demolished in Spokane. The school was constructed with brick. Unfortunately that brick was painted with asbestos contaminated paint. Before it was torn down, Sandblasting Spokane was contracted to remove the asbestos paint from the brick. Using the dustless method our technicians were able to work faster and longer.

Dustless blasting allowed us to cover more square footage per hour. Industrial sandblasting can be applied to airplanes, oil refineries, off shore and oilrig work, thermo plastic removal and factories. Contact us for a thorough listing of applications from commercial to industrial and residential.

Increased Productivity

Dustless blasting within an industrial environment maintains productivity. While a machine or component is being treated, staff are able to work nearby unbothered. With traditional sandblasting, the area must be cordoned off, workers evacuated and all other tasks have to cease. The technologically advanced process that Sandblasting Spokane employs allows work to go on per usual.

When a facet of your business must shut down, ultimately it translates to profit loss. Dustless blasting allows you to upgrade your machinery and property without losing money. The technique we use facilitates a faster application and fewer cleanups. Our efficiency allows you to maintain your departmental productivity levels.


We don’t believe in price gouging our clients. Our goal is to maintain and establish a good working relationship for the long haul. Some of our competitors perform a mediocre job quickly, get paid and move onto the next client. Sandblasting Spokane works diligently and efficiently to remove paint and rust from every visible crack, crevice and seal. Sand, glass and baking soda are affordable and easily accessible.

Due to the fact that our overhead costs are low, means that we are able to pass that savings onto you. Ultimately, because you are able to conserve funds, you can hire us to tackle more jobs that you may have been putting off due to sticker shock.

Traditional vs. Dustless

There really is no comparison between traditional and dustless blasting. This technological advancement has revolutionized the car industry. You don’t have to schedule upgrades months in advance for fear of productivity and profit losses. Dustless blasting makes it possible to have your surfaces renewed today.

Traditional sandblasting produces a toxic environment and is hazardous to the technician and your employees. This poses a legal liability for your company. The prep time, process and clean up are also much longer with traditional sandblasting. Dustless blasting requires minimal prep time, little to no containment, more square footage covered per hour and nominal clean up.


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