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Dustless blasting taking place on pipes in spokaneDustless blasting is the future of surface preparation. In the past, traditional sandblasting required a contained environment. To properly seal neighboring areas from dust plumes, a great deal of prep time was required. Any other activities or work being performed in that area had to cease or be relocated.

Dustless blasting is effective because the abrasive media is encapsulated within water droplets. As the paint and rust surfaces are being removed, instead of the molecules and dust particles floating out into the atmosphere where it is not only an annoyance but can cause silicosis and other respiratory diseases, it falls to the ground, making cleanup easy.

3- Way Time Efficiency

Prep time is minimal when using dustless blasting. Traditional sandblasting requires a highly contained area. Dustless blasting can be done in a parking lot and within spaces where other activities are being performed. The technology engineered within the machine allows us to cover more square footage per hour.

Due to the unique encapsulation of the media within water, any dust plumes that would have spread, now fall to the ground or evaporate. This makes clean up time minimal. As you can see, dustless blasting is time efficient during the preparation, application process and post process period. Ultimately, your costs are lowered because less labor is required to get the job done.


Sand is composed of tiny molecules made of crystalline silica. In the 1960’s scientists discovered that these beautiful crystals can cause deadly respiratory diseases when small particles are inhaled through the mouth and nose, then transported naturally through the body’s air passage ways. Eventually, they wind up lodged within the lung’s membranes. The most common disease to result from this toxic inhalation is silicosis. Miners are the typical sufferers of this disease. OSHA mandated standards to prevent this on-the-job hazard.

The technology employed within dustless blasting eliminates dust plumes, thereby making the application safe for use indoor usage. Previously a respiration machine was required when sand blasting. Now, all that is required is a Tyvek suit, ear protection, gloves and a face shield. Our blasters can breathe freely without hazard.


Dustless blasting obliterates any paint and leaves the surface underneath, looking brand new. After the paint has been removed, you can determine if you’d like to repaint, stain or seal the surface. You can also decide to leave it raw and natural. Dustless blasting can literally be applied to nearly any surface in which you’d like to have paint removed. The key is determining the pressure level and media.

For more delicate surfaces, like tile or a wood picture frame, baking soda, ground walnuts or finely recycled glass can be applied with very little pressure. For more rugged surfaces like cars or industrial equipment, sand and metal media can be used to strip the paint layers in combination with high pressure.


The dustless blasting machine can receive a myriad of media types. The media refers to the substance used to strip the paint from the surface. Sandblasting Spokane can use a rough abrasive like metal or sand for jobs that require paint removal from steel hulls or oilrigs.

or more delicate surfaces, glass, baking soda, ground walnuts and even dry ice and plastic can be used. For fast cleanup, we prefer to use a water-soluble substance that will evaporate into thin air. The media used in combination with the water pressure/PSI will determine the level of effectiveness. The surface being treated determines the media variant.


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