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If you seek a quick and economical approach to sandblasting, look no further than Sandblasting Spokane. We are the right professionals for the job. You will be impressed with our level of professionalism, expertise, superior equipment, promptness and ability to complete your project in record time. The incorporation of dustless blasting has revolutionized the way we do business. Less time and effort is required to achieve the desired results. Less time, means less money out of your pockets.

You can take your family on a memorable trip with the money you’ll save. Since it takes less time for us to complete your project, there is no need to charge money for unnecessary labor. If you seek a company that follows ethical business practices, contact us. Our technicians are courteous, prompt and professional.

Some of our clients are extremely concerned with their environmental footprint. Dustless blasting is the process of using water and an abrasive coupled with high pressure to remove unwanted paint and rust. The water effectively encapsulates the chosen abrasive. The result is that any dust plumes that would normally float through the air contaminating every surface it comes into contact with either dissipates or falls to the ground. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air can be 5 times as toxic as outdoor air.

Dustless blasting ensures that air borne contaminants do not infiltrate your work environment, thereby keeping your employees safe. This eco friendly feature is vital for residential environments too. Keep your family safe by choosing to remove paint and rust in the most effective way.


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