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Car blasting has revolutionized the car industry. Instead of high powered, motorized sanding, cars are now blasted using dustless sandblasting to remove layers of paint from the car’s surface in less than an hour! Previously, it took a minimum of six hours to remove paint surfaces.

Car paint has four levels, including the substrate, primer, color and top coat. The top coat comprises about 55% of the paint surface. You can imagine the amount of labor required to remove the paint using a motorized, power sander. Although sand blasting is powerful, it does not damage the substrate. There is no warping to speak of.

Surface Applications

Dustless sandblasting removes paint from cars with steel and fiberglass substrate. There are a variety of media and PSIs employed to yield the desired result. For a vintage car made from steel, we use sand, which is the most abrasive surface combined with a high PSI. Traditional sandblasting warps panels, damages moving parts, marrs the substrate and requires a large contained area.

The beauty of dustless sandblasting is that while one vehicle is being stripped of paint, another vehicle can be painted within the same space. The encapsulated water technology traps the dust and prevents it from spreading.


There are a variety of media we can employ to get the look you desire. Sandblasting Spokane typically uses recycled glass and a rust inhibitor to get the vehicle paint ready. However, the media chosen is used on a case by case basis. In the past, we have used sand, glass, baking soda and crushed walnuts to achieve the desired results.

The treatment is concluded by a high volume, low pressure rinse. This is done to remove all the media from the surface in preparation for paint application. After using the rust inhibitor, the vehicle remains rust resistant for 72 hours.

The Novice And The Professional

It would be our pleasure to service the car buff as well as professional auto body repair shops. Restoring an old car takes time and energy. Maybe you’ve had an old 1962 Impala in your backyard just waiting for the right opportunity to be restored. Now that you’ve got the time, resurfacing the car seems daunting.

Let us take care of the paint and rust removal, and you can take care of the details. Dustless car blasting removes rust just as effectively as it removes paint. Once we have serviced your vehicle, you will have 72 hours to apply the paint.

Minimal Containment

Our claim to fame is minimal containment. We are able to accomplish your project with ease within a small space. Traditional sandblasting requires the area be taped off and completely contained. The particles of dust that float throughout the area are not only a pain to clean but can also cause lung diseases.

No other work can be performed in the space with traditional sandblasting. Traditional sand blasting requires a dedicated space, which is not an option for many car buffs. With dustless sandblasting we can treat your car in an underground parking garage right next to other parked vehicles.


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