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Barge sandblasted by Sandblasting SpokaneYour options are limitless with boat sandblasting. Dustless blasting can be applied to fiberglass yachts and steel coast guard boats. Don’t ditch the boat; upgrade it! If you’re tired of the color, Sandblasting Spokane can remove the paint in less than two hours, leaving you with a clean surface for a new paint application.

If your boat is overgrown with marine life, a simple increase in the PSI can remove it in a few minutes. The technology used allows us to work on the dock next to other boats without incident. Our boat sandblasting process requires little to no containment.


We can strip the paint from your boat at 4 square feet per minute. We invite you to do the math. Depending on the size of your boat, we can be done with removing the paint in less than an hour. We will round out our service with a thorough pressure rinse. We use a rust inhibitor in our solutions.

Once we’re done, your boat will be rust free for 72 hours. Given the finite nature of the anti-rust time span, we recommend that the paint company you’ve contracted with is scheduled to arrive within 24 hours to account for any unexpected circumstances.


The media we use is dependent on the scope of the job. You may not want us to remove the paint to the substrate level. If you’d like Sandblasting Spokane to remove the topcoat, a more delicate media will be used to keep the color in tact. In this circumstance we would use baking soda because of its soft quality.

In the past, we’ve used a grade 80 garnet to bring a metal hull to an SP5 white metal finish. Depending on the surface, we may utilize sand or glass to achieve the finish you desire. Marine growth can be tough to remove. Dustless sandblasting makes this process quick and seamless.

Dust Free Environment

When dustless boat sandblasting is used, the ceiling, walls and surrounding equipment will remain dust free. Regardless of the media used to remove the paint, each will be encapsulated with water molecules. Instead of the fall out molecules floating upward and contaminating surrounding surfaces, they either evaporate or land on the floor.

Little to no containment is necessary when using this process. Others can work on the boat while we are servicing it. This is a great feature, particularly if you are working under a tight deadline. You can multi-task the service of your boat with Sandblasting Spokane.

Boat Sandblasting Costs

The cost of dustless sandblasting is dependent on the scope of the project. Some of our clients only want part of the bottom of the boat sandblasted. In this case, the cost would be less than if you wanted the entire boat treated. A few of our clients only wanted the hull serviced.

This will obviously be less expensive than treating the entire boat. The size of your boat, construction materials and the layers of paint you’d like removed will dictate the price. With fiberglass we will utilize a lower PSI and softer medium. This ultimately means that we work at a slightly slower rate to preserve the surface integrity. Contact us for a complete price list.


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