About Our Team

Although we are veterans in the business, we make a concerted effort to stay abreast of new technologies.

We discovered dustless blasting at an industry trade show and haven’t looked back. It’s hard to remember how things used to be. One thing is for sure; it takes a lot less time and back-breaking labor to achieve the desired result. Dustless blasting eliminates the need for breathing apparatuses. Contracting lung cancer as a result of sandblasting is a thing of the past.

Our clients love it too! With this new technology, we have been able to successfully expand our client base. Our clients run the gamut from homeowners to industrial corporations and various branches of the military. The applications for sandblasting are immense.

If you’re seeking an environmental approach to removing paint and rust, dustless blasting is the answer. The technologically advanced machinery allows for a variety of media. Media refers to the abrasive material used to remove the undesired surface.

From glass and baking soda, to ground walnuts and sand, our machinery can handle it and get the job done in record time. Dustless blasting is the future of paint removal.


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