Welcome to Sandblasting Spokane where we specialize in surface preparation. We offer the best in dustless blasting in Spokane, Washington. Our services are not limited to the Lilac City. We service the surrounding county as well.

Minimal containment is required because the process eradicates the formation of dust plumes. Dustless blasting obliterates any paint and leaves the surface underneath flawless. This treatment is so thorough, it even works on thermo plastic paint. Instead of scraping and using toxic solutions; sand, water and high pressure can get the job done.

About Us

At Spokane Sandblasting, we sincerely believe that a business can make a profit while treating its clients fairly and with respect. Our technicians will always be courteous and professional. We show up uniformed and ready to get down to business. There is no lollygagging and our promptness is evident.

We combine old school know-how with new school technology. Although we are veterans within the industry, we make a concerted effort to remain abreast of the latest and greatest improvements.


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    Learn More About Sandblasting Spokane

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    Our services span the spectrum from commercial to industrial and residential. The applications within each industry are endless. Every month our technicians discover a new way to apply this revolutionary technique. We invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

    Our sales representative will show you how sandblasting can work for you. Although we are using a highly technologically advanced system, your costs will remain low. We are able to cut costs because less time is required to get the job done. From car blasting to soda blasting, residential, industrial and boat blasting, you will be pleased with our work.

    Dustless Blasting
    Soda Blasting
    Industrial Sandblasting

    Dustless Blasting

    Dustless blasting has revolutionized the way we do business. We are not alone in our experience. Dustless blasting is turning heads within the car industry. Heavy duty motorized sanders were used to remove paint from car surfaces.

    Now media blasting in the form of recycled glass, intense pressure and a combination of water produces superior results in record time. Many say that dustless blasting is the future of paint removal – we agree wholeheartedly.

    Soda Blasting

    Who knew that something as soft as baking soda could be used to obliterate paint. When it is combined with water and high pressure it can remove the toughest surfaces. Soda blasting is the preferred media for many applications due to its water soluble nature.

    Minimal clean up is required because the substance evaporates into thin air before it can hit the floor. For clients highly concerned with their environmental footprint, soda blasting is the way to go.

    Industrial Sandblasting

    Sandblasting is ideal for industrial applications because it requires zero down time. There is no need to shut down the plant to accommodate surface renewal. Our technicians and your workers can work side by side, completely unbothered.

    The abrasive encapsulated in water eliminates sparks and potential fires. Industrial sandblasting is useful for asbestos abatement, airplanes, oil refineries, offshore oilfield work and more. Contact us today to explore all of your options. We’d be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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    Sand blasting process, Industial worker using sand blasting process preparation cleaning surface on steel before painting in factory workshop.
    sandblasting in spokane WA

    Boat Sandblasting
    Residential Sandblasting
    Car Blasting

    Boat Sandblasting

    We proudly offer boat sandblasting in Spokane, Washington. You would be hard pressed to find an outfit more dedicated and more professional than Sandblasting Spokane. We believe in excellence and providing unparalleled service. By utilizing glass we can remove the paint from your boat without removing the barrier coat.

    Using grade 80 garnet, our technicians can bring the metal to an sp5 white metal finish. You won’t believe how fast we work using this new technology. Our technicians can strip paint at 4 square feet per minute.

    Residential Sandblasting

    Sandpaper and carpel tunnel are a thing of the past when you use dustless blasting in Spokane, Washington. Why spend hundreds of man hours attempting to restore your old home when you can call Sandblasting Spokane Washington? Your time is valuable and you work hard all week.

    Do you really want to spend several weekends buried under layers of dust? Sure you take pride in home ownership, but there are some things that should be left to the pros – this is one of them.

    Car Blasting

    The car industry cannot stop raving about dustless blasting. This process has revolutionized the way surface paint is removed. The old way required tons of safety equipment and hours of back breaking work. Productivity and profit margins have increased when dustless blasting was incorporated into the work flow.

    We have become indispensible within the local car industry. Although we are extremely busy, it hasn’t resulted in lower quality results. Our team has expanded allowing us to provide the utmost in customer service and professionalism.

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    Sandblasting Spokane - Residential Sandblasting 1
    Sandblasting Spokane - Car Sandblasting 1

    Contact Us Today

    Contact Sandblasting Spokane when you want excellence in surface preparation. Dustless blasting is effective in removing all types of paint and rust from a myriad of surfaces. From marble to stainless steel, we can remove paint without warping or compromising its natural characteristics. We believe in safety first.

    Our technicians wear Tyvek suits, ear protection, gloves and face shields. We are always OSHA compliant. This is good news for homeowners and corporations. At the end of the day, we want everyone to remain safe. The technology eliminates toxic dust plumes because abrasives utilized are encased inside water molecules.

    “The historical home that I purchased last November held so much promise. I could see the beauty of the natural wood even though it was covered with decades of paint. Some of which, I know was lead based. Sandblasting Spokane removed the dead paint from the bannisters, floors, window frames and molding. The final result is even more beautiful than I could have imagined.” – Spate Smith

    “My yacht was covered with marine growth. I considered removing it myself, but a dock mate suggested Sandblasting Spokane. Within one hour, my boat looked brand new. I’d recommend them for anyone who owns or maintains a boat. When I’m ready to repaint or resale, I will definitely call them.” – Mickey Gerard

    “I’ve been restoring cars since I was fifteen. Sometimes, it can take me years to fully bring an old car to life. When I discovered Sandblasting Spokane, my mind was blown. The time it took to remove the paint was unbelievable. These guys work fast. I will hire them again and again.” – Marcus Houston

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